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Web Enhancers of America
We'll develop and implement an usuable website for your upcoming company.
We ensure that your new site will meet your company's expectations and requirements.
Sometimes just the simpliest and basic site of WYSIWYG makes a difference in ones life.

Our responsibilities and duties are to help you promote your business and get as many on-line hits to move your
business in a positive uprising direction.

We will provide the folowing:

* Initial web development (Front page plus 4 additional pages). Low rates apply.
* Additional fees may apply for 6 or more pages.
* Web Hosting
* Administrative monthly updates if needed.
* Photo Gallery
* Up to 10 email addresses for your business along with login features.
* Develop comprehensive application testing procedures.
* Implement testing tools that monitor the ongoing performance of your companies website
* Proven knowledge of the most current security. We use SSL to keep sensitive
information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it. When an SSL certificate is used, the
information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server that we send your information. This protects your information from hackers as
well as identity thieves. We recommend for all of our customers to add SSL certificates on their websites to avoid any future issues.
This will give your visitors a safe and secure feel to browse your professional page without any security issues.
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